“As soon as you use tarot or i-ching to see your own future, as soon as you experience your own situation in its immediacy through the means of foretelling, it is as though you were unpacking yourself, as if you were opening yourself and discovering yourself – and in the course of it, you start discovering that that complex and confusing world is actually something you’ve always understood intimately.”

What is tarot and where are its roots?

Tarot is the card system most often consisting of a deck of 78 MAGIC CARDS. The history of tarot dates back to the Middle Ages when it was an integral part of not only every magician, but also all rulers, emperors, kings and castle lords who used the strength and energy of tarot in their important decisions as rulers. Kabbalah describes tarot as an insider system used primarily by the ancient Egyptian magicians. The oldest tarot cards were preserved from the 15th century in northern Italy and were created for the Milanese domination families of Visconti and Sforza.

The tarot card system is divided into two parts, namely the Small and the Major Arcana.

The Major Arcana, also referred to as profound secrets, is made up of 22 card symbols that make up the core of the tarot interpretation. The prominent Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung calls them archetypes. According to Jung, these archetypes capture (I quote): some archetypes concealed by our consciousness and independent of our will, the ancestral heritage hidden in the depths of our soul, the hidden potentials of certain ideas and ideals that gain strength and shape only in a certain person’s life and in certain situations. Jung gives the tarot cards a whole new meaning not only from a psychologist’s but also from a cosmologist’s and a philosopher’s point of view. These cards, archetypes, are the sum of all hidden possibilities of the human psyche, the immense inexhaustible material of the ancient knowledge of the deepest connections between God, man and the cosmos. Jung discovered the driving force of the soul that drives and influences our lives. How this power affects our lives is what the tarot cards (archetypes) tell us.

The Small Arcana is a system of tarot cards composed of 56 symbols describing the stage on the way through life. Tarot shows you the stages of human life transformation, life intersections, and paths that can lead to individuality, psychic maturity, and great human spiritual authenticity.

And what do I appreciate most about tarot?

It reveals to me in time all my inner troubles and problems. Hidden karmic nodes and situations that require my attention. It works with my real possibilities. It speaks to me purely, clearly and openly. If I decide to follow the tarot cards, then it’s okay. If not, it’s all right as well. I have been guided by tarot for years, and above all, I respect all the wisdom of the spiritual world dating back to the times when the soul was a real essence of human beings. Stars, universe, tarot, energy, and magic always encourage or advise, but never force you to do anything.