Lunar Life Horoscope

What is the purpose of lunar horoscope? If you look for a Moon phase at the time of your birth, you will find out that it corresponds to the days of the month when you have the most energy and easily create new concepts, strategies. It is best time to test your skills and to use them, to process the surrounding information, to unify thoughts, to overcome obstacles, and above all to get the most of yourself. It is necessary to realize the strong influence of the Moon on us and our planet. It is the gravitational effect of the Moon and we call it Moon’s attraction.
To determine how the Moon affects your personal character, you first have to find, according to certain astrological tables and instructions, the lunar phase at the time of your birth.

Order of the Moon’s phases:
  1. New Moon

  2. Waxing Crescent

  3. First Quarter

  4. Waxing Gibbous

Full Moon

  1. Waning Gibbous

  2. Third Quarter

  3. Waxing Crescent

  4. and back to New Moon

Eclipse of the Sun

The eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon come into a certain mutual position from either New or Full Moon. People once considered the eclipse of the Sun as the symbol and precursor of destruction, war, ruler’s death, destruction of the crop, dying of the cattle, or plague epidemic. Today, the eclipse of the Sun is considered a wonderful phenomenon. However, there is a theory in the modern world that the eclipse of the Sun is a period of great reversals and changes, especially in the political area and the planet in general.

For people born during the eclipse of the Sun this finding represents a huge asset because it helps them understand their life cycles and changes.

Your moon sign (zodiac) affects and describes
  • your instinctive reactions

  • your deepest wishes, needs and desires

  • your love and hatred

  • your emotional heights and depths

  • your jealousy and joy

  • your imagination capability

  • your fears and obsessions

  • how others perceive you

  • how you behave in private

  • how you react when you meet someone for the first time

  • how you deal emotionally with people

  • your habits and favourite routines

  • your home environment, family life

  • history of your family

  • your family care

  • your relationship to your mother

  • your creative and artistic tendencies

  • areas of life in which you find emotional satisfaction

  • alternating happiness, felts at regular intervals

  • your subconscious memories

  • your self-preservation instinct

  • your early formation

  • how you are unconsciously pre-programmed

  • family influences

  • behaviour you have learnt in childhood that affects you in adulthood


The lunar horoscope will help you determine the best time for marriage, business, investment, conception, sexual activities, gardening, detox, family and household changes, shopping.

As Lori Reid describes, the eclipse of the Sun and the Moon is divided into 12 houses and 12 signs. He elaborated a table of time signs that tells us which area of our life is affected by the ​​eclipse when a sign appears at a certain point or sign:

1st house State of the nation

2nd house Finance, business and money resources

3rd house Communication and education

4th house Real estate market, women’s affairs and family

5th house Cultural interests, art, leisure, gambling, children and their birth

6th house Job and health

7th house International events, agreements and alliances, diplomacy, marriage

8th house Taxes, investments, morals, death, restoration

9th house Laws, church, science, higher education, press, travelling abroad

10th house Head of state, monarchy, government

11th house Local authorities, unions, allies

12th house Institution, hospital, prison, crime, defamation

Aries – discoveries, exploration

Taurus – property, real estate property, wealth

Gemini – communication, media

Cancer – home, mother, sea

Leo – royal family, actors, theatre

Virgo – servants, medicine, healing

Libra – music, art

Scorpio – sex, investigation, psychotherapy

Sagittarius – publicist, travelling, faith, education, ethics

Capricorn – business, power

Aquarius – inventions, technology

Pisces – dreams, illusions, film industry