The translation of the word karma from Sanskrit means deeds. People are committing sins, and the universe returns them to their right place by retaliating, equal deeds. That’s karma. The mechanism of karma is ultimately a great luck to people if they understand the way of filling the karmic ether. It is not only necessary to know and study the mechanism and the way of karma functioning, but above all to work with it.

Most people have a very erroneous view of karma, and often think that if a bad deed is corrected by a good deed, everything is back in balance. It is necessary to realize the different types of karma. Karma is divided into

  • karma of an individual
  • karma of a family
  • karma of a lineage
  • karma of a nation
  • karma of mankind
  • and last but not least, karma of the planet

What does it mean? That everything is related to everything. If we badmouth our own family members, an aunt, a brother, or an uncle, or anybody, we stain our own family karma, and this defect and condition can manifest at any time on us personally or our children or grandchildren. It constantly moves within our family karma, and the activity and energies radiating from us to any of our family members will simply return and manifest.

If we are interested in karma of the lineage, our action is far more extensive and represents one more reason why we should not use the words of negative thoughts and meanings, if we do not wish to become part of the story of a man we are talking about unethically.

Of course, karma of a nation and of mankind, and after all, of our entire planet speaks a lot for itself, seeing some nations thrive and others suffering from need, disease and poverty.

Our personal karma, the karma of an individual, has the strongest energy field about 60 cm from our body. Now imagine yourself in a vacuum. There is a bubble around you that captures all your thoughts and feelings. What is it radiating right now? Joy, fear, tension, nervousness, lack of love or finances, are you thinking about your husband, girlfriend, children, new work, etc… ? All this appears in your karmic field. This information interlocks and blends together. Therefore, it is important not to worry unnecessarily about too many events at the same time. You will think about your unsatisfactory marriage and your children at the same time. Suddenly your children will be nervous and your relationship will get even worse. It leads us to think that your marriage has a negative impact on your children. Yes, it is definitely so. But your karmic field has also recorded two pieces of information that are now interconnected, whether you like it or not.

It is indeed alarming, how humanity is little familiar with the influence of the karma of parents on the health of their children. How karma affects our prosperity and success. Everything has its cosmic order that can not be circumvented in order to make it easier for you to reach happiness. It is accurate for thousands of years, and even the modern world and the world of the internet do not overcome the cosmic one in its perfection.

Cleansing the karmic field, and the karma of the family from insults, humiliation, curses, lying, laziness, fear and depression is the foundation for a healthy and happy life.

Karma and children

We should understand that the baby and its future life are hugely influenced by the energy already in the mother’s womb. If the mother is insulted during her pregnancy, the baby is unwanted or reproached, its field of consciousness fills in the prenatal period, and it is very likely going to be fighting for its life later on, it will be humiliated, and not welcomed. The child can often be ill, even incurably. It is necessary to cleanse the karma field of parents or family in order to heal the child.