Ho'oponopono is the most powerful, the most popular and the most best technique for me in order to gain peace, love, full health and wealth in all areas of my life. It is a Hawaiian Shaman tradition and learning. It is a very powerful cleansing process from old restrictive patterns and dogmas. It is about liberating from grace, bad memories, anger, hatred, poverty and life losses.

The Ho'oponopono technique changed my life as a young girl, and it didn't take long. I do not like the long waiting to get the desired result. Ho'oponopono teaches you ... today you change it... tomorrow you see it...

It is primarily about understanding, sympathy, forgiving, loving, and taking the ultimate responsibility for your life. The Huna technique teaches you to look for mistakes and flaws solely in yourself. Sounds displeasing? How is it my fault that my husband is cheating on me? How is it my fault that I got fired? How is it my fault that I can't earn more money? How is it my fault that nobody listens to me? How is it my fault that ... (you can add whatever you like)? The basis of this technique is to realize that the only one who is responsible for everything in my life is me alone. The one who has to change is me. The one who has brought on all this is me. It's by me where I have to start changing the world.

Ho'oponopono uses four magic words as magic formulations to purify and realize our own action on everything around us. These are:


I will give an example. You get fired at work:

My work, I love you, because I could have been part of you for a while and learned a lot.
I'm sorry I did not do it well enough.
Forgive me for not being thankful enough for you, and for often not wanting to do you.
I've seen too many mistakes on you.
Thank you for giving me a strong enough lesson about the power of gratitude for what I have. Thank you for seeing a mistake in myself and my approach to you.

The Huna technique - Ho'oponopono also teaches you six principles of life and relationships:

  • The physical world is the materialization of my thoughts
  • If my thoughts are toxic, they create a toxic reality
  • If my thoughts are perfect, they create a reality full of love and abundance
  • I am 100% responsible for creating my reality as it is.
  • I am 100% responsible for the healing of my toxic thoughts that have created my sick reality
  • There is no external world. Everything exists as thoughts in my mind.

I love this technique and I recommend to each of us to take this path of knowledge by discovering ourselves. Your life will become a life without excuses and without seeking unnecessary reasons why our life does not work. Instead, you will find a way to enjoy life in full health, love and wealth. You will learn some interesting techniques of exercising your own mind, reveal the length and meaning of your own life axis and understand your great divine potential.