Astromedicine offers us the opportunity to work with subtle layers of human energy, especially to heal using the influence of colours, light, symbols, geometric shapes and points on the body, including the touch and gentle action of astro-medication on your body through gentle pressure points in your meridian path.

Astromedicine primarily uses individual treatment options that include:

  • iris diagnostics
  • reflex therapy
  • acupuncture
  • energy massage
  • massage of connective tissue
  • chi kung, shiatsu
  • tao chi
  • wu chi
  • tao
  • neural therapy
  • colour and light therapy
  • rhythmic dance
  • psychotherapy
  • music therapy
  • gestalt therapy
  • positive affirmations
  • mental training
  • synchronization of hemispheres

Since ancient times people have known that the use of different shapes, signs, points, colours and symbols can be used to receive information from space and, above all, that humans and animals are able to activate this extraordinary power and energy. The astromedicine treatment system is logical and safe. It is controllable and, above all, has no side effects.

As Dr. Stelzl says:

It has a positive influence on the bioelectric and biochemical structure of the human organism. These astro symbols can have a positive impact on human beings through their skin and harmonize original cosmic information, at all gross and subtle levels (Dr. Stelzl)

– Treatment using cosmic symbols on skin

According to classical Atlantean teachings, there are crystals on certain points on the skin that have essentially very good conductive capabilities and are able to attract matter. These clusters of crystals act as so-called satellites or antennas and are capable of transmitting impulses in the right way to and around the body. Clusters of crystals with the best conductivity, such as e.g. magnetite, amethyst, mountain crystal, rose quartz, etc… can be found on multiple points on the skin, but also in cell nuclei, and the pineal gland. Each point on the body carries its own shape, colour and symbol. These shapes and symbols are depicted on human skin using leuco silk, non-toxic colours and markers. Symbols and marks on the body should be restored after each wash. The best effect is on children, animals and plants. The most ideal time is at night. You must observe the application time and the accuracy of the symbol shape and colour. When an astro medic touches and paints a specific cosmic symbol on your skin, the body activates natural life processes, releases energy and you feel a great relief. Energy that has been blocked by an illness, fear, or phobia now flows through your meridian. This type of astromedicine has no negative effect.

British scientist Stephan Hawking says:

„Light is the cosmic energy with the lowest density. The entire human organism is stimulated by the rainbow colour spectrum. Through light, all body rhythms and cycles are controlled and various healing activities are activated. If we consciously pay attention to the individual responses to the reception of variously coloured foods and continually consciously adjust our eating habits, then light can become one of the vital resources of our direct healing life energy that we absolutely need and which is limited to us.“