Due to today’s media and society in general, people have very misguided opinions and views on sexuality. As described by Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book The Key to All Relations: a time has come when people prefer watching TV showing aggressive films and inappropriate reality shows with the most attractive aspects represented being insults, infidelity, intrigues, and the lowest ways of human behaviour. Unfortunately, it seems normal to everyone around. People are watching these programs voluntarily, even spending money on TV fees so they can watch. In the morning they wait for the bus and see how two happy people kiss lovingly holding their hands. They turn their back in disgust with the thought of how inappropriately they behave.

What happened? When did the break come that a kiss is considered inappropriate and the passion should be forbidden, while violence and television shows with aggressive themes, erotic cartoons that are completely out of the reality are absolutely natural? Longing for love and rejecting its physical expression is the same as longing for meals, but refusing to eat. Both is considered an illness.

Some people think that living an active sexual life with their partner means that they are less spiritual. They have a feeling of perversion, a sense of personal frustration, and for them the sexual act is a symbol of shame, unpleasant moments and suffering for them.
If the same applies to you, if you feel resistance to your own sexuality, you are not in harmony with yourself. It’s not your partner’s fault, but your own. You need to realize an important observation.
As Jerry H. writes, we’ve got a perfect fit for life on this planet. An amazing body and an unlimited mind. A body that has perfect qualities to allow us to enjoy this world. We have the sight so we can watch. We have the smell so we can feel all the wonderful scents. We have the touch to realize the beauty and power of the human touch, we have the taste that offers us and allows us to enjoy the experience of a prepared meal, we have the hearing so that we can listen to each other. And we have the sexuality that offers us to achieve one of the most beautiful emotional experiences. We simply have a fantastic body that offers us so many ways to discover joy and beauty.

Why do people not take care about this body? Why do not they pamper it? How then do they want to see the beauty around them?

In addition to the perfect body, each of us has an unlimited mind, a huge amount of imagination and fantasy. The unwavering belief that everything around us is controlled by some higher force rather than ourselves. We have feelings that are a great compass for our lives, determining whether we are going or not going for our dream. If we are satisfied or feel safe.
But if we are so perfectly equipped, why are we unhappy? Why are we dissatisfied? We tend to separate the mind from the body. We’ve forgotten to live in harmony with both body and soul. The soul needs joy and love and so does our body. Each of our capabilities has its needs. We are becoming a completely spiritual being only at the moment of the death of our physical body.

We are literally dependent on love, touch, caress, kiss, appreciation. A crying baby is calmed down by the warm arms and the kiss of its mother. A crying adult will be soothed by the same thing. Why is it so hard to learn to hug again? To caress? To tell your children or partners about your desire for their proximity? Ego? Frustration from yourself?

Napoleon Hill in the book The Three Masters of Success dedicates the whole chapter to sexuality and sexual energy.
He claims that the most successful people, vendors, spouses, lawyers, doctors, officials, athletes, etc… are people constantly developing their sexual energy.

Sexual energy = personal magnetism

If one is in harmony with themselves, they like themselves, they love themselves, their body as well as their mind, they radiate a very strong personal magnetism. These people have a great ability to influence their surroundings and become successful. They have a pleasant and sure tone of voice, shaking their hands is pleasant, they care for themselves, look nice, radiate the health and energy and their ideas are very imaginative and stable.
An example.
A man with an unsatisfied sexual desire in business dealings with an attractive woman loses focus on his business. A doctor loses concentration on the patient, mum does not concentrate on the children on the playground, because her attention was caught by an unknown dad on the nearby playground, etc… When we are hungry, we look for food. When we are thirsty, we drink, when we are cold, we dress and when we have the desire for a human touch, we look for it. It is completely natural.
Most people have a blocked chakra in the KUNDALINI area. However, this is not only about blocking of energy for our sexual life, but also about creativity, formation, personal development and life energy.
Being happy means being in harmony with yourself, with both your body and soul.
I recommend you at least the basic KUNDALINI chakra release course, or you can also use my consulting services for this issue.