Every Real Estate Has Its Soul And Energy...

People often ask me how it is at all possible that an astrologer and a spiritual mentor like me may have a husband who works as a real estate agent. My friends, me and my husband are the perfect team. My husband will help you find a new home, a place of a new beginning, or vice versa, to sell the place full of sad memories. Often the seller or buyer is burdened by stress and fear, not knowing what is waiting for them. Not to mention the stress resulting from the pressure of real estate agencies. And here comes my turn. Being supportive to people in the moments when they start again. Recommend them to the right experts, show them where to ask for help; and together the selling or buying of a new home becomes a friendly path to the desired goal. My husband is a real estate agent who helps people live their dreams. And anyone who helps people fulfil their dreams - is my friend

Why it is important to cleanse energies from your home

You buy a dream house or apartment or land, and what happens? Quarrels, arguments, nothing works, children cry, parents are nervous, conception fails, whatever you touch becomes a disaster, light bulbs crack appliances break.... etc. Sounds familiar? In your house, the energies of the people who lived there before you, for which you are invaders of their peace, want to get you out of the house. Another reason is the envy of your surroundings. They do not wish you well about the purchase. Many people have a hard time leaving their homes and are constantly in their so-called astral connection with them. Which means, in a constant spiritual or energy connection. You may be buying a house from a family where alcohol problems persisted, and suddenly you will experience problems with excessive alcohol use. Was it a family which experienced violence or divorce? Is your relationship suddenly disturbed, full of quarrels and arguments? Is this property obtained through an auction or distraint? And all of a sudden you are finding yourself in financial distress? Think why! Do you have a beautiful house or apartment and can not sell it? Is it cursed? Is there something that constantly ruins the sale? Everything that exists on our planet, the so-called material reality, is fully dependent on intangible energy. Heat, light, air, feelings, intuition,....etc. Without it, there would be no life on our planet. It is not enough to clean up the house only from the material and visible impurities... We still have energy waste here, which is often more dangerous than impurities.