The price of the courses varies according to the length and depth and intensity of the course. All courses are completed by receiving my course completion certificate.

1 hour of general consultation

  • offer of services, tarot interpretation
  • interpretation of i'ching and angel cards
  • analysis of your problem, where it all comes from, what started it


1 hour of astromedicine

70 Euro / 1750 Kč

Cleansing the whole house / apartment from energies

  • cleansing the whole house 490 EUR
  • cleansing 1 room 140 EUR (3.500 CZK)
  • cleansing 2 rooms 220 EUR (5.500 CZK)
  • cleansing 3 rooms 340 EUR (8.500 CZK)

12 250Kč

Work with energies

( Session duration is about 2 hours, the price is for the total session, not for an hour! )

Cleansing and harmonizing chakras

109 EUR / 2700Kč

Healing energies + consultation

109 EUR / 2700Kč

Unblocking fears, constraints, financial flows, partnerships, sexuality

109 EUR / 2700Kč

Ho’o ponopono course

  •  150 Euro

  •  240 Euro

  • 3 months (2x a week) 480 Euro

  • 6 months (2x a week) 690 Euro

I-ching courses

  • 3 weeks (2x a week) 150 Euro - 3700 Kč

  • 6 weeks (2x a week) 240 Euro - 6000 Kč

  • 3 months (2x a week) 480 Euro - 12 000 Kč

  • 6 months (2x a week) 690 Euro - 17 200 Kč

Courses for mothers in the prenatal period

  • Informative meeting of 3 hours 109 Euro - 2700 Kč
    • (for mothers who only need to explain detailed steps in autosuggestive communication with their baby)
  • 2 weeks course in person or through Skype, including meditation and affirmations elaborated according to your wishes 190 Euro - 4700 Kč

Personal development coaching

  • 4 weeks (3x a week) 490 Euro - 12700 Kč

90 min / 70 Euro

Possibility of year-round cooperation

How would you like having your own year-long astrologer, spiritual lecturer and personal development coach? You have the opportunity to conclude with me a year, a half-year and a month cooperation according to your needs, intent and time. This offer is mainly used by people with a very strong feeling and desire for emotional and career growth and stabilization. There are also people who are due to their activities always in the spotlight of many people, or the media.

  • One year V.I.P. client 1860 Euro - 46 500 Kč
  • Half-year V.I.P. client 1390 Euro - 34700 Kč
  • One month V.I.P. client 890 Euro - 22 200 Kč


I will be happy to explain my complete range of services, including my courses as well as interpretation of tarot cards, or the course on working with energies, the course on various techniques to ensure health and prosperity, and many others, after the first necessary introductory session. This is mainly due to the fact that a large number of clients choose services they are not ready for, and others, on the other hand, experience burnout and lack of fulfilment because they have to dare to move further. Since I am fully accountable for the success of the time spent with me, I would therefore like to recommend you the most effective way of personal development or learning. Thank you very much for your trust.