Remember, it does not really matter what others think about your life, style, and life choices. It's your life, your decisions, your style and your responsibility for your life. Anyone can give you advice and judge you, but you alone will be responsible for your final decisions, so act in a way that YOU are satisfied first and foremost. Have a great day

A Beautiful Day With A Client

A wonderful day with my long-time client and a soul mate Slávenka. A beautiful morning beginning with yoga and then with a quiet soul and energy hop into the office for deep knowledge and learning. Thank you for the beautiful … Read More

The Essence Of Success

The essence of success is to have a perfect team of people you trust. I am extremely grateful for my fellow mentors, kinesiologists, psychologists, healers, friends, family, and lawyers, doctors and people from different organizations helping people not only in … Read More

Lack Of Emotions And Love

I’m sorry to say how sorrowfully little love and understanding is between us. Parents cannot find a way to their children, children to their parents, partners want to govern and command each other. People are sick and sad, unsuccessful and … Read More

Common Mallow And Phimosis

Almost every mother of a little boy has to deal with the same problem – the foreskin. Doctors’ opinions are very different and mothers often do not know who to believe, especially if the foreskin is narrowed or sealed. Some … Read More

December – As The Way Of Life Mission

The HERMIT is the card of the last month of this year. It is interesting that this card, which symbolizes concealment at a moment, a look at ourselves, sadness, loneliness, abandonment, unanswered questions, but also a search for a new … Read More

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