HO’OPONOPONO Motivational cards: Package of hope

We all know that our bodies are absolutely perfect and amazing works of art, the most sophisticated computers ever created. Your body always knows, with absolute certainty, what it’s lacking, where there is a problem and what is needed to … Read More


Due to today’s media and society in general, people have very misguided opinions and views on sexuality. As described by Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book The Key to All Relations: a time has come when people prefer watching … Read More

A Beautiful Day With A Client

A wonderful day with my long-time client and a soul mate Slávenka. A beautiful morning beginning with yoga and then with a quiet soul and energy hop into the office for deep knowledge and learning. Thank you for the beautiful … Read More


Katarínko prostě děkuji. V mém světě je těžké zůstat sám sebou, obzvláště pod tlakem médií a lidí. Často jsem už ani nevěděl, kdo vlastně jsem a co chci. Našla jste mě! Děkuji Vám a je mi ctí, že můžu patřit … Read More


Astromedicine offers us the opportunity to work with subtle layers of human energy, especially to heal using the influence of colours, light, symbols, geometric shapes and points on the body, including the touch and gentle action of astro-medication on your … Read More

Price list

The price of the courses varies according to the length and depth and intensity of the course. All courses are completed by receiving my course completion certificate. 1 hour of general consultation offer of services, tarot interpretation interpretation of i’ching … Read More

Dream catchers

Small dream catchersChildren dream catchersDream catchers, wealth catchers, happiness catchersDream catchersThe price of dream catchers ranges from € 5 to € 100. If you are interested in any dream catcher, please send us its specification and all the necessary details … Read More

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