HO’OPONOPONO Motivational cards: Package of hope

The most important steps towards perfect health, joy and physical and mental satisfaction. How to understand our body? How to choose a suitable path? How to strengthen your immunity and not collapse under the first signs of stress? We all … Read More


Due to today’s media and society in general, people have very misguided opinions and views on sexuality. As described by Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book The Key to All Relations: a time has come when people prefer watching … Read More

A Beautiful Day With A Client

A wonderful day with my long-time client and a soul mate Slávenka. A beautiful morning beginning with yoga and then with a quiet soul and energy hop into the office for deep knowledge and learning. Thank you for the beautiful … Read More


Katarínko prostě děkuji. V mém světě je těžké zůstat sám sebou, obzvláště pod tlakem médií a lidí. Často jsem už ani nevěděl, kdo vlastně jsem a co chci. Našla jste mě! Děkuji Vám a je mi ctí, že můžu patřit … Read More

WOMAN AS A GODDESS (life coach for women)

The strength and power of a woman. The woman is the most perfect creature that inhabits our planet. She is perfect physically and emotionally. Yes, today’s home is cruelly signed at a very low level not only by women but … Read More

Price list

All courses are completed by receiving a certificate of completion of the course. During ON-LINE or telephone consultations, courses, card explanations, it is NECESSARY to pay for the service in advance to the account below. Thank you ~ 120 minutes … Read More

Dream catchers

The price of dream catchers ranges from 200 € – 1300 €. If you are interested in any dream catcher, please send us its specification and all the necessary details including the meaning of the dream catcher, its size and price … Read More

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